Pharmaly’s Libya is a developer, distributor, marketer of both branded and off-patent pharmaceutical products

Highly diversified with branded products from Switzerland, UK, Canada, India

Increased competitive advantage with potential competitors through joint ventures


Mission: Pharmaly’s Libya pursues a balanced strategy through long established business.

Continue to seek and evaluate opportunities, technologies and products to strengthen our presence in today’s fast-changing pharmaceutical industry.

Our commitment to customer/patient care, professionalism and customer service are key pillars of the medical supplies and products, positioning us at the leading edge of community pharmacy division.

Vision: Lead the way to a healthier community.

By carrying out in every level of our organization, we will be recognized by our employees, customers and shareholders as the best pharmaceutical distributor company in North Africa, resulting in value for all.

AlSahl(SG) is a group of Libyan companies specializes in feed, food, construction industry and providing logistic services such as oil fields services, maritime handling and logistics.

(SG) is based in Janzour West of Tripoli, Libya. It was formed in 2004 by a Qualified Management team. (SG) has 500 staffs working in the group different sectors.

The Company specialized in all types of animal feed and achieved a national market share of 35% from the total country production and ventured into other industrial fields such as consumer food, food oil purification, flour, rice and others. To meet this expansion “Al Sahel Al Akhdar for Mills and Animal Feed , capital was raised to meet future investments in this sector. The group follows a strategy that aims to expand into businesses that compliment the group’s main activities, benefiting from current marketing effort at a marginal additional cost.

AlSahl Group is a trusted product among a wide and varied collection of food stuffs in the Libyan market. Our success is a product of a decade of experience in industrial business and a desire to open new horizons for our clients. We work together with clients as tactical and strategic partners relying on food professional knowledge in order to initiate and apply innovative and specialized food solutions that meet the anticipated needs of clients.

AlSahl Group covers four sectors: Animal & Chicken Feed, Food Industries, Real Estate and Logistics Services under well known and international trusted brands. The Group innovations focus on healthy and reasonable responding to consumers’ preferences and social development. Widening our knowledge in food industries sector, create a solid base for future growth of our brands and market in various geographical areas in Libya and external markets in the future.